Smart Study Bengali Interactive Multimedia Content

  • Primary Content (As per the syllabus of West Bengal Board of Primary Council) from class I to class IV
  • Secondary Content (As per the syllabus of West Bengal Borad of Secondary Education) – from class V to X
  • All contents are in Bengali language.

Subjects covered

From class V to VIII

Subjects -English, Maths, Science

From class IX to X

Subjects – English, Life Science, Physical Science, Maths

Primary Classes

Using effective multimedia based presentations will create more attention for the primary level students

Secondary Classes

Introducing effective multimedia based e-learing method for secondary students. See our sample video chapters.

Primary Classes

Using attractive multimedia based bengali visual content for easy understanding and retention of the subject in the memory.

Secondary Classes

Video based interactive multimedia presentation in bengali creates an interesting learning method for better scoring in exams.