Advantages of being a Smartstudy business partner

  • Proven business model
  • Premium brand positioning
  • Quality curriculum and teaching methodology
  • Clearly demarcated exclusive territory rights
  • Organized and process driven support structure
  • Quality audits by us to ensure superior standard of teaching delivery
  • Higher growth opportunities for existing partners to set up multiple centers.
  • As our ‘business partner’, you will receive complete consultative support on Smart Study Digi Classes set up and designs, teaching aids procurement, marketing and branding campaigns, curriculum implementation, teaching methodology, recruitment of key staff, training of principles/counsellors/teachers and any other day-to-day operations.

For a rewarding and long-term association, our ‘business partners should have the following competencies:

  • A passion for providing quality education
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • An ability to replicate business process / model
  • An ability to maintain high standards of quality in teaching delivery
  • An ability to adhere to curriculum implementation systems, process, policies as prescribed by Smart Study Digi Classes
  • Recruitment, training and skill upgradation of their employees
  • Strong team building and long-term retention skills
  • Capability to ensure parent-teacher engagement program
  • High levels of relationship management with customers


IL&FS is India's leading social infrastructure development company developing people centric solutions using technology and innovation at the core. It has improved the lives of 10 million people in 25 states of India with interventions centred on education, employability and employment. It has footprints in 17 countries of Africa and South Asia.
In West Bengal, In Education space, IL&FS Education has been closely working with the School Education Department; GoWB in implementing ICT enabled education in 1917 Schools across 19 districts of West Bengal and further has been working with Department of IT of Computer Aided learning in 800+ Schools across West Bengal. IL&FS Education is also involved in Teachers' Training, School Management, Mobile and web based learning and Multimedia educational content development.
Our partnership with IL&FS Education is poised to spread the initiative of Smart Classes through a network of Business Franchisees. This is done with a view of the huge potential of the market of special tuition aimed at better academic results of the students. It is an opportunity to explore and bring in a structured, standardized and managed network of tuition centres creating a common digital education platform.


RSAS is involved in Total Literacy and Quality Education in India. For implementing the said mission, RSAS has adopted Rotary India Literacy Mission. RSAS and its Rotary India Literacy Mission is hereinafter referred to as “RSAS” or “RILM”. RILM is a facilitating body for the Rotary Club and is authorized to represent RSAS for all acts, deeds and things pertaining to the said Rotary India Literacy Mission.
RSAS pursues the goal of achieving Total Literacy and Quality Education through Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM), with its all-round comprehensive and holistic program T-E-A-C-H where T stands for Teacher Support, E- E-learning, C- Child Development, A- Adult Literacy and H – Happy School.
In this mammoth endeavour, RSAS has joined hands with a wide range of stakeholders, including the Central and State Governments, sister organizations of the Rotary family like the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs of India, Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Community Corps, Corporates as well as a variety of non-governmental organizations.
Smart Study gels with the cause of RILM supporting total literacy and quality education. The aim of Smart Study is to counter school dropouts for whom it will create a penchant for learning their basic academics through interesting and attractive modules.